Evacuation plans

Copies of hygiene plans and Standard Operating Procedures

Chemical Hygene Plan

NFPA max scores

max score
F 1
H 0
R 0

Chemical Inventory

RED Column (regtype) indicates Potentially Hazardous Substance warnings

room CAS reorder name (msds in link) Manufacturer regtype ExtraINFO messages storage
113295 NS214 1333-74-0 335541 hydrogen gas airgas flammable_gas pubchem General
102558 NS214 64741-88-4 vacuum pump oil inland dbnoreorder No product specific SDS General
113803 NS214 7440-37-1 arg330 argon gas andyoxy pubchem General
113296 NS214 7440-59-7 upc300 helium gas airgas pubchem General