Evacuation plans

Evacuation Plan

Copies of hygiene plans and Standard Operating Procedures

Chemical Hygene Plan

NFPA max scores

max score
F 2
H 3
R 2

Chemical Inventory

RED Column (regtype) indicates Potentially Hazardous Substance warnings

room CAS reorder name (msds in link) Manufacturer regtype ExtraINFO messages storage
400318 HHS425 1-0-1604 d26 concentrated dish machine detergent monogram clean force Corrosive
400325 HHS425 1-0-1608 d24 22-multi q vat sanitizer monogram clean force Corrosive
400369 HHS425 1-0-1612 k52 fryer cleaner packets monogram clean force Corrosive
400372 HHS425 1-0-1614 ccare-pre-mix convocare ready to use manitowoc Corrosive
400339 HHS425 7681-52-9 k50 comet cleaner with bleach monogram clean force pubchem Corrosive
400317 HHS425 7681-52-9 household bleach Clorox pubchem dbnoreorder Corrosive
400343 HHS425 1-0-1611 k41 stainless steel polish monogram clean force Flammable
400320 HHS425 1-0-1606 d25 low temp dish machine sanitizer monogram clean force Oxidizer
400316 HHS425 1-0-1603 none household laundry detergent none
400319 HHS425 1-0-1605 d35 heavy duty rinse additive monogram clean force none
400321 HHS425 1-0-1607 p21 super concentrated pot and pan detergent monogram clean force none
400327 HHS425 1-0-1609 k57 glass cleaner monogram clean force none
400333 HHS425 1-0-1610 k39 heavy duty glove-free degreaser monogram clean force none
400370 HHS425 1-0-1613 k53 antimicrobial fruit and vegetable cleaner monogram clean force none
400373 HHS425 1-0-1615 cclean convo clean new ready to use manitowoc none