Evacuation plans

Evacuation Plan

Copies of hygiene plans and Standard Operating Procedures

Chemical Hygene Plan

NFPA max scores

max score
F 3
H 2
R 1

Chemical Inventory

RED Column (regtype) indicates Potentially Hazardous Substance warnings

room CAS reorder name Manufacturer regtype msds_file messages storage
400385 HHS309 7681-52-9 78742-01184 american value bleach walmart 7681-52-9_78742-01184.pdf Corrosive
400381 HHS309 7681-52-9 91000112 austin a-1 bleach james austin missing sds file =>7681-52-9_91000112.pdf Corrosive
400386 HHS309 67-63-0 002 isopropyl rubbing alcohol medichoice 67-63-0_002.pdf Flammable
400376 HHS309 111-30-8 2785 cidex plus 28 day solution johnson 111-30-8_2785.pdf General
400382 HHS309 111-30-8 medica medica 28 plus first medica 111-30-8_medica.pdf General
400513 HHS309 7782-44-7 Dtank oxygen gas Andy Oxy Co 7782-44-7_Dtank.pdf General
400512 HHS309 7782-44-7 Etank oxygen gas Andy Oxy Co 7782-44-7_Etank.pdf General
400389 HHS309 1-0-1636 300-00750 blood colored concentrate laerdal 1-0-1636_300-00750.pdf none
400391 HHS309 8001-29-4 c7767-500 cottonseed oil sigma 8001-29-4_c7767-500.pdf none
400379 HHS309 1-0-1628 disinfecting solution laerdal dbnoreorder missing sds file =>1-0-1628_none.pdf none
400377 HHS309 1-0-1626 438396 glance foaming glass and multi-surface cleaner johnson 1-0-1626_438396.pdf none
400380 HHS309 1-0-1629 252090 laerdal airway lubricant laerdal 1-0-1629_252090.pdf none
400388 HHS309 1-0-1635 laerdal cleaning alcohol laerdal medical dbnoreorder missing sds file =>1-0-1635_none.pdf none
400383 HHS309 1-0-1632 70271-13-79638 laura lynn all purpose cleaner laura lynn 1-0-1632_70271-13-79638.pdf none
400378 HHS309 1-0-1627 lf00846 life-form artificial blood powder nasco 1-0-1627_lf00846.pdf none
400390 HHS309 1-0-1637 252800 simulated stomach contents laerdal missing sds file =>1-0-1637_252800.pdf none
400387 HHS309 1-0-1634 c8401 teacher pet cleaner handiclean 1-0-1634_c8401.pdf none
400384 HHS309 1-0-1633 lf01099u tubing sealant lifeform 1-0-1633_lf01099u.pdf none