Evacuation plans

Evacuation Plan

Copies of hygiene plans and Standard Operating Procedures

Chemical Hygene Plan

NFPA max scores

max score
F 3
H 4
R 3

Chemical Inventory

RED Column (regtype) indicates Potentially Hazardous Substance warnings

room CAS reorder name Manufacturer regtype msds_file messages storage
300175 BAC163B 7664-38-2 phosphoric acid graphic chemical 7664-38-2_none.pdf dbnoreorder Corrosive - Acid
300179 BAC163B 1310-73-2 sodium hydroxide kodak 1310-73-2_none.pdf dbnoreorder Corrosive - Base
300189 BAC163B 64742-89-8 12400 Universal etching ground graphic chemical & ink 64742-89-8_12400.pdf Flammable
300180 BAC163B 1-0-1236 crown denatured alcohol crown 1-0-1236_none.pdf dbnoreorder Flammable
300171 BAC163B 1-0-1235 3001 deep etch lacquer lithkemko 1-0-1235_3001.pdf Flammable
300173 BAC163B 64-19-7 10098845 glacial acetic acid kodak 64-19-7_10098845.pdf Flammable
300181 BAC163B 1-0-1195 gjda300 jasco denatured alcohol barr 1-0-1195_gjda300.pdf Flammable
300182 BAC163B 64742-47-8 gjsp140 jasco mineral spirits barr 64742-47-8_gjsp140.pdf Flammable
300183 BAC163B 1-0-1238 klean strip paint thinner barr reproductive 1-0-1238_none.pdf dbnoreorder Flammable
300184 BAC163B 64742-89-8 liquid ground transparent rembrandt graphic arts 64742-89-8_none.pdf dbnoreorder Flammable
300185 BAC163B 1-0-1240 lithographic plate cleaner varntine 1-0-1240_none.pdf dbnoreorder Flammable
300186 BAC163B 1-0-1241 parks turpatene 1-0-1241_none.pdf dbnoreorder Flammable
300187 BAC163B 1-0-1242 pn red developer western lithotech 1-0-1242_none.pdf dbnoreorder Flammable
300188 BAC163B 1-0-1243 sunnyside lacquer thinner sunnyside 1-0-1243_none.pdf dbnoreorder Flammable
300190 BAC163B 9083-41-4 vegetable oil 9083-41-4_none.pdf dbnoreorder Flammable
300191 BAC163B 1-0-1244 1684 weber turpenoid weber 1-0-1244_1684.pdf Flammable
300192 BAC163B 144-55-8 baking soda arm&hammer 144-55-8_none.pdf dbnoreorder General
300172 BAC163B 7705-08-0 ferric chloride solution universal engraving 7705-08-0_none.pdf dbnoreorder General
300177 BAC163B 13746-66-2 potassium ferriccyanide kodak 13746-66-2_none.pdf dbnoreorder General
300176 BAC163B 03811-04-9 3028 Potassium chlorate jt baker reactive_oxidizer 03811-04-9_3028.pdf Oxidizer
300174 BAC163B 7697-37-2 a200c-212 nitric acid Fisher 7697-37-2_a200c-212.pdf Oxidizer
300193 BAC163B 1-0-1245 copper etching solution graphic chemical 1-0-1245_none.pdf dbnoreorder none
300178 BAC163B 8559 potassium salt Graphic arts co dbnoCAS missing sds file =>none_8559.pdf none