Evacuation plans

Evacuation Plan

Copies of hygiene plans and Standard Operating Procedures

Chemical Hygene Plan

NFPA max scores

max score
F 2
H 3
R 0

Chemical Inventory

RED Column (regtype) indicates Potentially Hazardous Substance warnings

room CAS reorder name (msds in link) Manufacturer regtype ExtraINFO messages storage
300167 BAC163 1-0-1231 1408731 kodak indicator stop bath kodak Flammable
300166 BAC163 64-19-7 10066359 kodak glacial acetic acid kodak pubchem Flammable
300168 BAC163 1-0-1232 1973247 kodak professional fix A kodak reproductive General
300169 BAC163 1-0-1232 1973247 kodak rapid fixer A kodak reproductive General
300164 BAC163 1-0-1229 arista Rap-X5 freestyle sales dbnoreorder none
300165 BAC163 1-0-1230 123-1333 eco pro clear stop bath digitaltruth none
300170 BAC163 1-0-1234 varn 100 pure gum arabic solution varn dbnoreorder none